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First time using Daymap?

To get onto Daymap for the first time you'll need your email address and your child's student ID number. They may know this as their sign in number or borrower number, and is on their student card and timetable. If you don’t know your child’s student ID number, please contact the school (08) 8647 3300.

Important Note: If your email address needs to be updated or you are unsure of what it is, please email your details to dl.0790.info@schools.sa.edu.au

Once you enter your email and student code, click the Reset Password button. This will send you an email with a link to create a new password.

The email also contains your Username, which will be a 6 digit 'family' code. You'll need this to log on along with the password you created.

Staff Portal

Logging onto Daymap

To log onto Daymap you will need your Username and Password. Click the Parents button below

Staff Portal

If you are unsure of either of these, follow the steps in the 'First time using Daymap?' section above or contact the school (08) 8647 3300.

Daymap have an excellent video explaining how to use the portal as a Parent.

Using the Mobile App

1.  Please ensure you have deleted any "Daymap" apps previously installed on your iOS or Android device, as a new Daymap app will be configured automatically as part of Step 5 below. 

    2.  On your device, open a web browser and navigate to the following PASS Daymap Connect webpage https://daymap.pass.sa.edu.au/daymapconnect/ 

    3.  Enter the Username that you would have received when you registered for Daymap Connect. If you have not yet registered, please click HERE to follow the 'How do I register' guide. 

    4.  Enter the 'Password' that you created when you registered for Daymap Connect. If you are unsure of what your password is, please click here to follow the 'I forgot my password' guide. 

    5. Once logged into the Daymap Connect system in the web browser, you should be able to find on the menu bar (top right corner) a mobile phone icon to open the 'Mobile app'. Click on this icon and the relevant app store on your device should open and display the 'Daymap Mobile' app. Please install this app.

    6. Once the app has installed successfully, go back to Daymap Connect in your web browser again, and if you see a Daymap page with an 'Open' button on it, then click on 'Open' (alternatively find and click on the same mobile phone icon as before) which should now open the Daymap 'Mobile app' that was just installed. Doing this will provide the app with the PASS Daymap Connect server address that it needs to be accessing.

    7. Once the app has loaded it may prompt you for your login details once again. Please enter your login details and then the app should now be configured and ready to go with the PASS Daymap Connect details.

    Once you've logged in on the app for the first time, your app will be connected to the Port Augusta Secondary School Daymap. From here you can find your child's report, timetable and more. For some tips on using the app, check out the video below.