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Empowering Local Learners Numeracy Project

The Empowering Local Learners Project has been operating across the Port Augusta/Quorn Partnership since 2014. All sites from pre-school to secondary school are working in partnership with Flinders University to improve the executive function skills of children and young people through a numeracy lens. Executive functions are the skills and abilities that allow you to stop and think before you act, to keep ideas in your head and work with them, and to think flexibly about different ideas and perspectives. In mathematics learning these skills are most important when solving complex problems, and when explaining the reasons for our answers. Problem solving and reasoning has been the focus of the work in the mathematics faculty of Port Augusta Secondary School since the beginning of the project. More information can be found at the Empowering Local Learners Project website.

Empowering Local Learners Introduction

2016 Empowering Local Learners Project Results