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Student Wellbeing

From time to time students may need to access support services either inside the school or outside of the school. This may be for assistance with harassment, general health or mental health information, career guidance or future study options. For more information please view Student Wellbeing.


The school has a zero tolerance policy relating to Harassment and Bullying

What is harassment and bullying?
Harassment and bullying are a pattern of repeated physical, verbal or social aggression that is directed towards a specific person by someone with more power and is intended to cause harm, distress and/or create fear. Harassment and bullying might involve repeatedly:

Harassment and bullying are not the same as conflict or disliking someone even though, in some cases, these things can lead to bullying.

Safe and supportive environment
At Port Augusta Secondary School (PASS), students and teachers have the right learn and teach in a safe and supportive school environment that is free from harassment and bullying. This means that all students, staff as well as the school community must take responsibility for their actions and actively discourage harassment and bullying to ensure that PASS is a safe and supportive learning environment. This is achieved by:

Reporting Harassment

Continual Harassment will result in Exclusion from school (between 4-10 weeks)


PASS counsellors work in partnership with learners, parents, staff and the broader community to optimise student learning. They achieve this through the provision of additional support and targeted strategies, promoting student health, wellbeing, safety and development. PASS counsellors have a variety of roles they perform as part of their day-to-day duties.

Enrolments and subject changes
Enrolment appointments with the counsellor can be made through the front office. Students wishing to make subject changes also need to make an appointment to speak with the counsellor.

School-based Counselling
School-based counselling may involve:

The school-based student wellbeing counsellor provides health promotion materials and offer information and referral to available support services with parent permission. Whenever possible they facilitate access for staff and students to programs and initiatives designed to enhance personal growth and development for individuals or groups.

Headspace GP clinic
The school-based headspace GP clinic is a free and confidential health service for young people aged 12-19. The health service runs fortnightly at the school – Wednesday from 9-1pm and students require written parental consent. Consent is usually provided at enrolment or can be done by collecting a permission form from student services. Phone: 8647 3300 for more information.


The following agencies and organisations are able to provide further support or guidance in the event that the school is unable to do so.